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Numerous Fortune 500 companies have long been a part of Elliott's clientele including Proctor & Gamble, General Foods, Hershey, IBM, Singer, Colgate-Palmolive, Jim Beam, Pepsi-Cola, Coca Cola, Seven-Up and many more.  We also sell to the wine and beverage, fruit and vegetable, paper, glass, and food industries.  Over 5,000 machines from our Packaging Machinery Division have been supplied to the domestic and foreign markets over the years of operation.

Beginning in 2007, Elliott Manufacturing embarked on the process of reinventing ourselves in the redevelopment of our line of packaging machinery.  Many of you may have first seen the new Elliott case sealer, the 810-S Automatic Top & Bottom Case Sealer at Pack Expo '07 in Las Vegas.  It was slightly redesigned for Pack Expo '08 and has been renamed the SV 850.  It now features speeds up to 3,600 cases per hour and automatic changeover in less than 30 seconds is available.  The latest member of our family of sealers is the new SV 350 featuring a smaller footprint.  The new sealers still feature the quality manufacturing and reliability you have come to expect from Elliott Manufacturing.

Elliott Manufacturing introduced the new EV 350-S High Speed Case Erector at Pack Expo '08 and will be showcasing the EV 250 case packing system at Pack Expo '09 in Las Vegas.  The EV 350 has been designed to erect cases up to 35 cpm and the EV 250 up 25 cpm, both with options for higher speeds if required.  Changeover from case size to case size are as quick as any available in the market today with a large case size range and small footprint with an open design for ease of access and scheduled preventive maintenance.  Automatic changeover is also available.

We have now taken our new case erectors and sealers and integrated them into full case packing systems that have been designed in a modularity format that allows potential customers to purchase the complete line or to build their system a piece at a time as in a building block concept.  The case packing module can range from an economical drop load system to a mid range gantry pick & place or the more sophisticated robotic pick & place.  In some cases the robotic option could also palletize the output of the case packing system.

If you feel that you are seeing the same equipment year after year then Elliott Manufacturing redefined and the new equipment we are now manufacturing is an absolute must when you are considering new production equipment for your line.  Let us reintroduced you to the New Elliott Manufacturing Company and show you these new and exciting machines with many additional features that are too numerous to list and let us take you through our full line of packaging machinery.

The name Elliott has always been synonymous with respectability, quality manufacturing, service excellence and reliability.

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