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Elliott Manufacturing was actually started in 1927 but was incorporated in September of 1929 and has been operating continuously for the last eighty (80) years in Fresno, California.  TH (Thomas Henry) Elliott owned and operated the Selma Fruit Company processing raisins.  He was an entrepreneur, inventor and self taught engineer of sorts and liked machinery more than the processing business.  Raisins were packed in bulk corrugated boxes and sealed using a paint brush and cold glue then placing a weight on the box for compression.  TH felt there must be a better way and designed a case sealer to do the job.  Word spread and others wanted a case sealer so TH abandoned his raisin processing and started Elliott Manufacturing making the Type A case sealer.  As his business flourished, he began exploring opportunities to expand his machinery manufacturing business and expanded into making food processing equipment mostly for dried fruit.

Over the years Elliott Manufacturing matured into a readily recognizable company.  TH knew that as his company grew he wanted complete control of his products and started the third leg of Elliott Manufacturing: a fabrication shop for custom machine work.  He realized that by making his own parts he could maintain the control of the quality of the machinery he manufactured.

In 1974, the company had grown to a point where expansion was necessary and a new factory was located on a five-acre site in Southwest Fresno, our present location.

TH coined these words and incorporated them into the Elliott logo:

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