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Since 1929, Elliott Manufacturing has been a recognized leader in large part repair, machining, and fabrication. We have a complete machine and fabrication shop capable of both production and job work. We also offer macerators and grinders to the food processing industry and eccentrics for a wide variety of end applications.

Elliott offers complete engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Our long-serving, journeymen employees deliver on-time quality workmanship and service. The Elliott name is synonymous with reliability, performance, quality and value. These have been the benchmarks of our reputation for more than 90 years. We’ve taken the lessons from our past and applied them to our commitment to quality assurance and customer satisfaction, which are our first priorities.

90+ Years of Service

Elliott Manufacturing was founded in 1927 in Fresno, California, and incorporated in September 1929. It has been operating continuously ever since. Elliott founder Thomas Henry “TH” Elliott was an entrepreneur, inventor, and self-taught engineer.

It Started with Raisins

TH had previously owned and operated the Selma Fruit Company processing raisins. During that era, raisins were packed in bulk in wax-lined, corrugated boxes. The flaps were sealed using a paint brush and cold glue. TH felt there must be a better way, so he designed a case sealer to do the job.

Word spread, and other fruit processors wanted TH’s new case sealer. He abandoned his raisin processing business and started Elliott Manufacturing. The company’s first product was TH’s Type A case sealer.

Business Grows

As his business flourished, he began exploring opportunities to expand his product. Since he was familiar with fruit processing, he moved into manufacturing food processing equipment, mostly for dried fruit. Elliott Manufacturing supplied numerous complete turnkey date processing plants in the Middle East.

Over the years, Elliott Manufacturing matured into a leader in fruit processing machinery. TH recognized that as his company grew, he needed more control over manufacturing processes and added the fabrication and job shop. He realized that by having the capability to make his own parts, he could better control the quality of the machinery he manufactured.

A Expansion in Southwest Fresno

In 1974, the company had outgrown its original facility and expansion was necessary. A new factory was constructed on a five-acre parcel in Southwest Fresno. This remains Elliott Manufacturing’s current location.

In the 1980s, Elliott Manufacturing expanded its corrugated line to include case erecting, cartooning, case packing and high-speed combination machines. In 2016, Elliott sold its complete line of packaging equipment to Massman Automation Designs LLC.

Elliott Today

Today, Elliott Manufacturing continues to embrace TH’s entrepreneurial and creative spirit. Elliott Manufacturing has become a recognized leader in large part repair, machining, and fabrication as well as fruit macerators and grinders. Customers know Elliott Manufacturing to be synonymous with reliability, performance, quality and value.

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