Heavy-Duty Machine Shop

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If it’s big, we can handle it. If it’s small, we can handle that, too. Our shop has been open since 1929, and we have seen it all.

Since 1929, Elliott Manufacturing has operated one of the largest machine shops in the Fresno, California, area and currently located on a 4.65-acre property in the industrial section of town. We specialize in repair of heavy equipment and machinery for the agricultural, construction and food sectors; however, we can handle smaller work as well. Our long-serving, journeyman crew has decades of experience in repair, maintenance and servicing the food processing industry.  The local utility companies frequently bring us their large pumps, hydraulic cylinders and other very large pieces of equipment required to generate power from the hydroelectric dams. If it’s heavy-duty equipment and it needs repairs, bring it to the Elliott shop.  We often receive jobs other shops can’t handle due to size or complexity.

What We Can Handle

In addition to the many large manual machine tools required for the above repair work, Elliott has a separate 5000 sq. ft. climate controlled building for our CNC machining centers, primarily used for production work.

Another 5000 sq. ft. building houses our large press brake and shear for sheet metal work.

Over the many decades in business, Elliott has accumulated an extensive inventory of scrap remnants, so we often have the material on hand to complete a job in a timely manner.

Heavy-Duty Tools for Heavy-Duty Parts

Our shop floor is filled with large-scale automated and manual machinery. We have the equipment to tackle any repair job.

King Vertical Boring Mill

Up to 90 inches long, 127-inch diameter

Bullard Horizontal Boring Mill

Up to 60 x 60 square inches


Up to 20 feet long with a 32-inch swing

Wysong 300-Ton Press Brake

Up to 10 feet long

Wysong Sheet Metal Shear

Up to half-inch steel

Horizontal Assembly/Disassembly Press

Up to 300 tons and 8-inch thickness

Blanchard Rotary Surface Grinder

Up to 36-inch diameter

Portable Line Boring Tool

For concentric bore repair

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