Elliott Manufacturing Celebrates 89 Years Manufacturing Fruit Macerators

Elliott Manufacturing has served the fruit processing industry since 1929. Elliott fruit macerators have helped scores of fruit processors run fresh and frozen cherries, peaches, plums, apricots, dates, and other stone and pitted fruits.

The Elliott team has nearly 90 years of experience and know-how designing and fabricating fruit macerators. Our equipment can handle up to 7 tons of fruit per hour. Here’s a look at Elliott Manufacturing’s long history in the fruit macerator business and how we can help you improve efficiency in your fruit processing line.

Nearly a Century of Fruit Macerator Expertise

A veteran of the fruit processing industry, TH Elliott founded Elliott Manufacturing in 1929. His first fruit macerator design was crude, but the company quickly made improvements. It earned a reputation as one of the most reputable manufacturers in the fruit processing industry. Eventually, Elliott Manufacturing built three different fruit macerators: the senior, jumbo, and CD. Today, the senior and jumbo lines have been retired, and the CD has evolved to process up to 7 tons of fruit per hour.

The flagship of the Elliott Manufacturing fruit macerator line is the VV. The VV fruit macerator uses a 20-inch roll that’s 11 3/8 inches in diameter to process dry or fresh fruit. The VV macerator can process up to 4 tons of product in an hour.

Elliott Manufacturing Fruit Macerators Can Improve Your Fruit Processing Line

The Elliott Manufacturing experts can help you make your fruit processing line more efficient. The speed and throughput of your line depends on whether you’re processing fresh, dried, or rehydrated fruit. Some fresh fruits, such as cherries, can be funneled directly into the VV macerator. Others, such as dried fruit, need to be stuffed into the macerator. Depending on your end application, we may recommend adding a stuffer, conveyor, shaker, or grinder to your VV fruit macerator.

You can rely on Elliott Manufacturing for expert help designing and installing a fruit macerator for your processing line. Contact Elliott today for more information